About Us

A 21st century school library provides...
PLACE for both a physical and a virtual learning environment;
PROGRAM for collaborative learning and teaching to ensure learners develop their capacity to locate, evaluate, analyze, and apply information;
& a highly qualified PROFESSIONAL who leads by creating, promoting, and sustaining the program and place.

To ensure that all students are effective users of ideas and information
We do this by:
Preparing students to become independent, confident, and lifelong readers.
Fostering competence and stimulating interest in reading, viewing, and using ideas and information.
Actively collaborating with educators to infuse information literacy skills into learning.
Instilling in students the value of being ethical digital citizens.

search. locate. select. evaluate. curate. create. present


Every school day during school hours with the exception of lunch.

The library is an open learning commons which means students can come and go as they please during the school day.
*Students should have permission to visit the library during class time.


- to ensure that our library media center can provide you the best experience possible: 
  • Use materials with care and respect – they’re community property.
  • Use a decent voice volume when in the library.
  • Maintain safety at all times.
  • Treat other students and teachers with respect and kindness. 
  • Observe the rules of the SHS Handbook.


  • PRINT BOOKS: 3 books for 3 weeks.  {Need more time?  That's cool.  Just renew with us!}
  • eBOOKS: 3 books for 2 weeks.  {These materials will check themselves back in after two weeks}.
  • MAGAZINES: You may keep any back issues; current issues can't be checked out but can be read in the library.
  • AV: teacher checkout/permission per Ms. Benvenga