SLM Advisory Team

The Purpose

  • To make recommendations on goals and objectives
  • To plan and participate in Spartan Library Media programs
  • To offer input for improving and expanding the content and space of our center
  • To encourage others to read and participate in library programs
  • To act as leaders and role models


  • Must be able to cooperate and collaborate in a team setting.
  • Must be an SHS student.
  • Must complete the application.
  • Must comply with behavior codes of the SHS Handbook.
  • Must be able to make time commitments during the school day and occasionally after school for special events.

The Benefits

  • You can have a say in the materials and programs in our library.
  • You will feel personal satisfaction in serving your community and peers.
  • You can meet new, interesting people.
  • You can ramp up your resume. [We all know community service wins brownie points on college scholarship apps. and job apps]!
  • You might just like it and feel good about yourself!

Fill out the short application (below) if you're interested. 
Mrs. Adams will be in touch via school email.

SLM Advisory Team App