Strand of Proficiency: INQUIRY & PROBLEM SOLVING

Standard 1: Use a process of questioning, accessing, evaluating, and applying information to share and create new knowledge.
1.12.1 Access the physical and virtual library environment. (Remember)
1.12.2 Manage projects/activities by developing a personal plan.(Apply, Analyze)
1.12.3 Generate a scaffold of questions to investigate; modify as needed to broaden or narrow investigation. (Understand)
1.12.4 Locate resources appropriate for purpose using library tools. (Apply)
1.12.5 Critique resources for accuracy, currency, reliability, usefulness, validity, scope, purpose, and intended audience. (Evaluate)
1.12.6 Select a method to record information. (Analyze)
1.12.7 Present and defend new learning using a variety of formats. (Create)
1.12.8 Self-assess and reflect on new learning in relation to the quality and effectiveness of the product created. (Evaluate)

Strand of Proficiency: MULTIPLE LITERACIES

Standard 2: Read, view, listen, speak and write to investigate, explore, create and communicate for academic and personal growth.
2.12.1 Read for pleasure daily. (Apply)
2.12.2 Access libraries and community resources to read, view, and listen. (Apply)
2.12.3 Read beyond personal affinity for particular genres, authors, illustrators, series. (Understand)
2.12.4 Critique authors who create in differing genres and styles. (Analyze)
2.12.5 Analyze and respond to multiple resources reflecting the multicultural heritage of SD, the US, and the world. (Evaluate)
2.12.6 Identify the special awards for print, non-print and multimedia works. (Understand)
2.12.7 Use electronic/digital tools and resources to locate and creatively share information. (Apply, Create)
2.12.8 Transfer knowledge and adapt strategies from one format to another. (Understand, Apply) 

Strand of Proficiency: ETHICAL PARTICIPATION

Standard 3: Use information and its tools in a responsible, safe, legal & ethical manner.
3.12.1 Create lists of resources using a standard bibliographic format. (Apply) 
3.12.2 Adhere to the concepts of intellectual property, copyright, plagiarism, and fair use. (Understand, Apply)
3.12.3 Follow the local school Internet and acceptable use policy. (Understand)
3.12.4 Interpret and respect the opinions and ideas of others. (Analyze)
3.12.5 Work independently and in collaborative groups. (Create)
3.12.6 Consider the impacts of information technology. (Analyze)
3.12.7 Model ethical behavior, leadership and personal responsibility when using information technology. (Apply)