"Making creates evidence of learning."
Free to Make by Dale Dougherty
with Ariane Conrad
Makerspace = a space with supplies and materials to spark your creativity and allow you to innovate. 

Our makerspace will...
- provide a space for students to create, make, and innovate.
- allow students to work in collaboration with others.
- encourage students to take control of their own curiosities.
- spark passions and interests that continue outside of the space.

What can you FIND at the makerspace?
- Puzzles
- Sewing machine & supplies
- Recording studio
- Makey Makey & Circuit Scribe - circuit builder
- KEVA planks for building exploration
- Raspberry Pi - computer coding
- Strawbees for building
- Origami
- Green Screen
- Board Games/Rubik's Cube/etc.
- Duct tape
- Sphero robot
- Creative space & energy
- ...and MUCH more!

Hours of Operation
Spartan time
free blocks