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Refine Your Search

TIP #1: Use words or phrases instead of sentences
So instead of: What are the symptoms of multiple sclerosis? Use: symptoms AND multiple sclerosis

TIP #2: Use the FIND feature in an Internet search. Use CTRL+F to locate specific keywords in the search results.

TIP #3: Use * truncation when there are alternate words endings to broaden your search
i.e. farm* for: farmer, farming, farmland, etc…

TIP #4: Use quotations marks around words to find multiple words appearing next to one another in a specified order.
i.e. “affirmative action” or “animal rights”

TIP #5: Use Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT) to adjust your search to your needs.

 AND LIMITS psychology AND children
(limits information to the combination of the keywords)
 OR EXPANDS tornado OR cyclone
(finds information on both tornadoes and cyclones)
 NOT LIMITS cats NOT kittens
(eliminates info. on kittens and gives only info. on cats)

Here are some basic Google search tricks: