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There are several ways outline; however, in a research paper you must use the traditional outline. An outline is just a method of organizing and dividing information into logical sequence.

There are two kinds way to do a traditional outline - topic form and sentence form

TOPIC – uses phrases or dependent clauses as headings; no end punctuation 

    Example: Fear of cowardice 

SENTENCE – uses complete sentences as headings; uses end punctuation 

   Example: In battle, soldiers are more preoccupied with the fear of cowardice than they are with the dread of being shot.

Some rules of outlines:
1. Choose either a topic or sentence outline. Never mix both in one outline.
2. You cannot divide anything into less than two parts; therefore, an outline must have two or more Roman numerals, capital letters, Arabic numbers, etc. If you have a I you must have a II; if you have an A you must have a B.

Here's an example of what a sentence outline should look like...