Web 2.0

Twurdy - search engines that shows readability in color coding
InstaGrok - conceptual map of search topics
WolfRam Alpha- gives information not just lists of websites that have information.
SweetSearch - just for students

Search Tips!
Wanna limit your URL's to .edu only?  Just type in your topic and then type site: .edu after the term. Here's an example: leukemia site: edu
Use the CTRL F to open up the find menu where you can locate specific words within the screen.

Cool Google Stuff:
Goopgle Lit. Trips
Google Earth
Google Extrension: Last Pass stores your passwords; Turn Off the Lights takes off the ads, Ellen is a password binger

The Secret Room - take you to a place like Google Lit. Trips but you don't know where. You have to use context clues and make inferences to find out where you are.

TagMyDoc - QR scan where you can tag, share, and connect
Aurasma - an augmented reality site

VOiceThread - conversations in the cloud


Poll Everywhere
Survey Moneky


Penultimate - different kinds of paper to take notes on or to journal

Flipboard - electornic magazines, midn